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Get our online management solutions to improve the business performance and productivity.

We cover everything from leads collection and customer relationships to complex data-driven scenarios, distributed offices or agents and intelligent workflows.

Open the online shop, settle multiple product or service selling sites with full campaign control.

We build perfectly managed CRM and WordPress integrations, landing site campaigns and huge marketplaces. And, of course, MLM or referral shop networks. 

Implement your brilliant ideas to conquer the World with new start-up or well known business.

We design high performance online systems like social networks, courses and schools, places to connect the people, b2b stocks and everything you can imagine.

Achieve the goals together

Transparent steps to get the right things done

Stage 1. Initial quotes and consultations


Ask questions, get answers and suggestions and make the decisions.
With 15+ years in business automation development and workflow analysis we obtained the decent experience.
We are ready to share it with you.

Hours to Days

Stage 2. Rapid prototyping and analysis

The magic begins here. We build the live prototype for every workflow, all the visible interfaces and basic bindings. Except the real engines inside.
At this stage we are working closely with your business, asking the questions, build the system and analyzing the feedback.
You will get the well-documented prototype suiting your business exclusively.
This is a base with all the features and requirements for development agreement.

$$$ – $$$$+
Week to Month
Signed Prototyping Agreement

Stage 3. Production system development

We are developing the real business automation system based on agreed prototype and specifications.
This stage can take longer than prototyping, involving everyone from data architects to QA testers.
And you can see how your project grows.
You will get the shiny new cloud system ready to boost your business right from the start.

$$$$ – $$$$$+
Weeks to Months
Signed Development Agreement

Stage 4. Intelligent integration and support

We are providing the soft integration guidance, helping your employees to get the best from the automated workflows and solving all the riddles they can encounter.
This stage is a continuous way in cooperation.

$$ – $$$+ / mo
Signed Support Agreement

Stage 5. Grow

Your business grows and your business process automation evolves to meet the new requirements and to help you in the new ventures.
We are ready to conquer the new peaks with you.

New Ideas